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LIFEplicity : 4 Reasons Why Brand Clarity Is Essential

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

LIFEplicity Concierge Services Switches Gears

LIFEplicity started their journey in small business originally named Cache Professional Services. After several months of attracting the wrong type of clients for their executive assistant services. After a full brand overhaul, the company has now taken their vision to the next level.

Brand Clarity
LIFEplicity Concierge Services: Website Design & Brand Development by EVOZ.

All Business Starts With Brand Clarity

In the midst of all the excitement that comes along with starting a new business, it’s sometimes tempting to cut corners during the planning process especially when you want to launch quickly. One step however you should never take shortcuts on is gaining brand clarity. Take time to really understand your brand, its reason for being, what makes it unique, and your ideal customers. Having a clear understanding of your brand will be instrumental as you make key business decisions such as designing your logo, building your website, deciding on products and services, crafting your marketing plan and more.

Now let’s dive a little bit deeper into why it’s so important to have brand clarity before you start your business.

“The longer you are in business, the clearer the vision for your brand will become.”

Brand Clarity

1. Aids in creating your brand identity, voice and personality

When you have brand clarity it is easier to create your brand persona. Envision your brand as being an actual person. How do you want it to look (i.e. website and logo colors, photos etc.),sound (i.e. tone of your content both written and verbal) and feel (i.e. the emotions your brand evokes)?

2. Attract the right clientele

When you have brand clarity, you will become a magnet to the right customers as you will be able to articulate your brand clearly which will leave no room for interpretation. Customers will be able to easily evaluate if your brand fits their needs which will save you both energy and time.

3. Know what type of products/services to offer

When you know your target market, you’ll have a better understanding of what products or services to offer based on their interests. As a business owner one of the worse things you can do is try to be all things to all people. It’s not only time consuming, but also can become expensive.

4. Invest your marketing dollars wisely

Many small businesses in the early stages have a limited marketing budget, therefore it’s important to make the most with what you have. Once you have a good understanding of your brand persona, the type of clients you want to attract, and your products/services, you will be able to invest in the right marketing tools.


As you can see, having brand clarity is paramount in having a successful business. The longer you are in business, the clearer your vision will become, so it is also important to also allow room for your brand to transition and grow. Where EVOZ is today is nowhere close to where it was 8 years ago. In the beginning of my journey, I made sure to take my time to gain brand clarity. This has helped me tremendously as I’ve evolved throughout the years. When times are challenging, I remind myself of my purpose, my reason for being; to help small businesses transcend the possible.

Do you have an amazing business idea but need help gaining brand clarity?

Contact EVOZ to book one of our brand clarity sessions today!

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