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Nurturing a Unique Niche: Florida AFCH Training Finds the Power of Direct Mail Campaigns

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Contrary to popular belief, Direct Mail is not dead!

In the vast realm of marketing, one often underestimated approach is direct mail campaigns. Florida AFCH Training, a company dedicated to assisting homeowners who provide housing to vulnerable adults, has demonstrated the remarkable potential of this traditional strategy in reaching a niche market with only 200 providers in the state of Florida. The key to their success? Recognizing the need for better communication in a market starved of information and consultants.

Florida Adult Family Care Home Training

Empowering Vulnerable Adults through Adult Family Care Homes

The niche market AFCH Training serves consists of homeowners who open their doors to vulnerable adults in need. In the state of Florida, this niche is remarkably small, with just 200 providers. These individuals play a crucial role in offering a structured home-life balance to those who can't live independently, preventing them from facing homelessness or institutionalization. Living in an Adult Family Care Home (AFCH) often leads to a significant improvement in the quality of life for residents, who become part of a caring family-like environment. AFCH Training recognizes the importance of empowering those who want to provide this level of care.

Direct Mail As a Solution

Florida AFCH Training opted to use direct mail as the solution for communicating their online and in-person courses by using their knowledge of the industry and their target market - AFCH providers. Three key things led to the strategy behind the mail campaigns:

  1. Adult Family Care Home providers generally spend most of their time in their homes caring for their residents.

  2. Adult Family Care Home providers are more prone to check their mail than the average individual due to important funding and communications from agencies like AHCA and Medicaid.

  3. Due to a scarcity of information and resources for Adult Family Care Homes, many providers respond more rapidly to personalized communications about their industry.

The overwhelming results

By using direct mail campaigns, Florida AFCH Training was able to achieve overwhelming results. A series of quarterly mail campaigns

  • Tripled their registrations for online classes

  • Doubled bookings for direct consultations

  • Increased digital product purchases by 25%

  • Increased student referrals by 30%

  • ROI resulted in four times the annual direct mail budget

By addressing the lack of information and consultants in their field and by nurturing their students' growth, AFCH Training not only empowers individuals but also contributes to providing vulnerable adults with the care and support they need in a warm and nurturing home environment.

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