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Celebrating 10 Years!

C. Vanessa Oatman | Principle, EVOZ Agency

In 2012, EVOZ Agency was founded on the principle that no small business should be left behind. For over a decade, EVOZ has been a top performing Marketing & Consulting agency with a focus on growing small businesses through evolutionary strategies.


Our achievements include creating an experiential marketing plans for Fortune 500 companies, coordinating and managing executive events, and launching marketing campaigns for over 150 small businesses nationwide.


As champions in evolution, we invite you to join the EVOZ Family. Your goals become our mission to maintain your company's ongoing success. Transcend The Possible!

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Our Purpose

To elevate the human experience through evolutionary marketing.


Our Philosophy

Collaboration. Our employees and members actively assume responsibility for the success of all business owners and work in tandem to expeditiously achieve goals through sharing resources and information. 

Ceaselessness. Our employees and members esteem business ownership, marketing and social responsibility as ever-evolving mechanisms that require an unwavering spirit of discipline and steadfastness.

Culture. Our employees and members embody the the essence of who we are as a diverse and collective group of thought leaders and innovators. 

EVOZ incubates a mindset that is so influential... it Transcends!


Our Core Values

One Voice. - EVOZ Agency celebrates diversity and the freedom of expression. Every voice counts and we are dedicated to reflecting the unique mix of our global society.


One Goal. EVOZ Agency fosters a growth mindset that leverages profitability as a resource to enhance the human experience and provide solutions for societal hardships.

One EVOZ. - EVOZ Agency and it's Members work in collaboration knowing that the success of one is the success of all.

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