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Girl & A Grill - Using OOH Advertising to Boost Foot Traffic

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Restaurant owner kicks digital to the curb

April Page has leveraged her boisterous personality to build one of Tampa Bays most popular breakfast spots – Girl & A Grill. After the affects of COVID-19 on her small business, Page consulted with EVOZ Agency to determine the best route for a new advertising campaign.

Ditching Digital

Although Girl & A Grill has over 15K social followers, digital advertising was becoming increasingly harder as Facebook and Instagram continued to update their algorithms and restrict more and more content. Hootsuite recently reported that the average Facebook post only sees 0.07% engagement due to the ongoing shifts in social algorithms.

With a monthly digital spend of over $500 a month, Girl and A Grill was not seeing the ROI they expected. While gaining more likes and followers, digital advertising was falling short of creating more in-person visits to this unique location.

OOH Saves The Day!

OOH Advertising Girl And A Grill

In this day and age, Out of Home (OOH) Advertising used to be considered the "old fashioned way" of advertising. Yet, with the merging of tech/digital and the traditional benefits, OOH is now the most impactful and effective ways to advertise.

Just north of Downtown Tampa, Girl & A Grill is located on one of the most travelled roads leading into the downtown area. In 2021, FDOT reported a daily average of 15,600 commuters on Nebraska Avenue. The goal with OOH was to attract these daily commuters to stop and grab breakfast on their way into work each morning.

A strategically placed billboard ad is displayed 2 blocks north of Girl & A Grill with a simple call to action - Breakfast Is Served. Within the first 30 days of purchasing the OOH ad space, the location doubled its foot traffic of new visitors.

Benefits of Out Of Home Advertising

OOH advertising can render many benefits.

  • While online advertising tends to capture audiences who are already interested, OOH leaves lasting impressions with those who may not ordinarily have an interest.

  • OOH ads cant be avoided like online ads where consumers are allowed to filter out what they want to see.

  • OOH has a variety of large scale mediums like billboards, buses, airports, metros, street furniture and experiential event displays.

If you would like to learn more ways on how you can incorporate OOH advertising strategies into your small business model, set up a free 30-minute consultation with EVOZ Agency to get started.

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