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  • How Do I Know Which Membership Is Best For My Business?
    Our Membership plans cover a broad range of services depending on your current marketing plan and budget. Prior to selecting a membership plan, we recommend scheduling a complimentary discovery session with an EVOZ agent to determine which plan is best for your business.
  • How Does The Membership Application Process Work?
    Due to high demand, EVOZ Memberships enrollment is limited. Each potential member is required to complete the application and have a discovery session. To be considered for membership: APPLY - Complete the Membership Application Form. Our agency CMO will contact you within one business day to discuss your business needs and schedule a virtual discovery session to determine if EVOZ Agency is the best fit for you and your business. DISCOVER - During your discovery session, our agency CMO will work with you to determine your best plan of action for your marketing goals, identify the most effective membership plan and share important details with you regarding membership eligibility and/or wait-listing. ON-BOARD - Once your membership has been approved. You will be provided instruction on how to pay your monthly or annual membership fee, accept the service agreement (if applicable) and attend the required member virtual orientation.
  • Is There A 12 Month EMERGE Membership Plan?
    EMERGE Memberships are only offered for 9 months. The goal is to actively work with each of our members to reach milestones that transition them to the next level of membership - EVOVLE Member or ELITE Member.
  • Is A Contract Required?
    EMERGE Memberships do not require a contract. You can log into your account and cancel at anytime. EVOLVE Members are required to acknowledge a customized service agreement. Client service agreements can be cancelled with a 30 day advance written notice. ELITE Members are required to acknowledge a customized service agreement. VIP service agreements can be cancelled with a 60 day advance written notice.
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